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Val Woollard

Owner of Val*s Domestic Services

I have spent my working life in the customer service industry.

Starting my career in a primary school I worked as a classroom assistant, deciding then, with my love of America that I wanted to travel over there. I decided on Au Pair America and went to work over there for a few months, caring for two young boys. This was about 30 years ago and I am still in touch with them all today!

I have had many jobs, including delivery driver, school cook and child minder but my greatest achievement is bringing up my two daughters, one is at Kingston University now studying law and the other is at Middlesex University studying Law & Criminology.

Val*s Domestic Services started on a small scale when the children were younger and it fitted in with school runs etc. This has now grown and we still get many calls asking for our services on a regular basis.

We like to think we offer a top quality service in all aspects of what we do and love to meet all new clients as well as working hard to give great customer satisfaction.

We now employ the amazing Angela, Beth, Tina and Andrea who we wouldn’t be without and are also looking for a new person to join our team and ensure that we can fulfill all our customers cleaning needs.

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If you want to make an enquiry please call
Val on 07714 168 322

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